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AmPac Biotech is a Fresno, California company located in the heart of the Central Valley. All our products are organic and non-toxic, and have been proven effective for promoting plant growth and enhancing the natural ability of plants for disease resistance.

Since the late 1990s, AmPac Biotech has been exclusively producing and selling Plant Helper to farmers and growers for use in field crops, vegetables, ornamental plants, and golf courses. Plant Helper reflects the patented Triple Spore-Suspended Re-Isolation process that was pioneered by Professor Jenifer Huang McBeath.

The Importance of Trichoderma atroviride

The major ingredient of Plant Helper is Trichoderma atroviride, which is a cold-tolerant, versatile hyperparasite that was discovered in Alaska. Trichoderma atroviride parasitizes a wide range of economically important plant pathogens

Trichoderma atroviride is fast-growing and produces profuse spores. An incredibly wide temperature range from 39°F to 91°F makes Trichoderma atroviride useful for controlling pathogens that can inflict damage on roots, stems, and other plant tissues under cool temperatures when plant tissues are particularly vulnerable. 

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Why Use Plant Helper?

Plant Helper contains Trichoderma atroviride as well as other essential living microorganisms and naturally-derived components. When these components are combined into Plant Helper, a natural chemical reaction is created that stimulates plant growth and enhances plant self-resistance to different plant diseases and insects.

An Organic and Non-Toxic Method for Promoting Plant Growth

Farmers, nurseries, and home growers continue to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in response to the problem of plant nutrient deficiency and major costs from plant diseases and insects. However, the harmful chemicals in certain fertilizers and pesticides can injure human and animal health and damage soil, water, and air quality.

Plant Helper is an organic and non-toxic approach to sustainable, integrated farming management. It is a leading biological control product that is designed to increase crop production and protect the environment.

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