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Plant Helper Delivers Consistent Results All Year Long

Plant Helper lets plants absorb more nutrients from the soil and enhance water transport while maintaining plant health. Plant Helper is formulated with Trichoderma atroviride, a beneficial fungus that was discovered and patented by internationally-renowned plant pathologist Professor Jenifer Huang McBeath. Ease of use and high spore counts make Plant Helper ideal for applications where drought and limited moisture already exists. These unique factors help plants to flourish and excel even when growing conditions are unfavorable.

Plant Helper Flowable

Faster action and diverse application

Plant Helper Granular

Slower release

Plant Helper Dust

For specific use in coating seed pieces

Strengths of Plant Helper

Contains Trichoderma atroviride (1.0x10⁸ CFU/g)

Stimulates plant growth and natural disease resistance in plants

Naturally derived, safe, and environmentally friendly for humans and animals

Wide temperature range (lower than 4°C to 33°C/39°F to 91°F)

Plant Growth Promotion

Plant Helper is developed using our patented fermentation process (Triple Spore Suspended Re-Isolation). This process ensures that each Trichoderma atroviride spore is maximized for quality, effectiveness, and long shelf life. As a result, Plant Helper strengthens the root systems of plants and the overall yield of crops.

Three Versions of Plant Helper

Plant Helper Flowable

Plant Helper Flowable is soluble in suspension. Plant Helper Flowable offers the highest spore count in the Plant Helper product line and provides fast action for plant growth promotion and natural disease suppression. Applying Plant Helper Flowable can improve a field impacted by soil-borne plant diseases. 

Plant Helper Flowable comes ready to mix and can be delivered by most universal application methods. It has an active shelf life of over two years.

Plant Helper Granular

Plant Helper Granular's slower release formula is better for crops that need to stay in the soil longer, such as grasses and lawns.

Plant Helper Dust

Plant Helper Dust can coat potato seed pieces and seeds, to provide more protection.

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